Personal project

Bounty Hunter A:
an after work practice, turn in to a potential personal project.

Bounty Hunter B:
this is for the internal Art Jam submission. experiment with different style.
What if our world is a simulation? The occurrence of "GLITCH" has changed everything.
Climate, environment, flora, and fauna changed.
Human consumes data to survive.

Kobe sek yellow gunfight law b

Bounty Hunter A

Kobe sek glitch bountyhunters law kobe

Bounty Hunter B

Kobe sek chr sketches maincharacter

character exploration

Kobe sek mainchr design

first version character

Kobe sek mainchr design v2

2nd version character

Kobe sek robot sketches

Mecha exploration

Kobe sek robotchr design

first version Mecha

Kobe sek chr sketches

some sketches

Kobe sek glitch test

quick test :)